connect groups


Del Webb Group

    Leaders:  Brian & Donne McGlothlin

    Hosts:  Larry & Suzie Redfoot


    Leaders:  Gary & Marilyn Lee

    Hosts:   Marc & Judy Snow

A CONNECT GROUP is a group of people joined together in mission, community, prayer and scripture.

Mission is the primary purpose of each group to ensure that people are loved towards the gospel of Jesus.  Our Connect Groups will be out in the Community serving and loving, with the goal of proclaiming the gospel and seeing people come into a relationship with Christ.

People crave relationships that move beyond the superficial.  Connect Groups provide great opportunity to build relationships around the gospel.


Prayer is the fuel of the Connect Group.  The community will be prayed for in depth each week.  Prayer also strengthens each community, and provides support for daily obedience to Christ.

Scripture is vital to the community, as it reminds us that we are sent. Weekly study of God’s Word will inspire the passion for the gospel in our lives.

What Does it Look Like?
Each Connect Group will gather weekly in homes or in the community, praying for and serving their local community.  They will share dinner together to build community, and study Scripture to strengthen and embolden the mission.

For more information or to learn how to join a group, see our Connect Table on Sunday Morning or contact us at